MSI has been designated by PEMSEA as its Regional Center of Excellence (RCoE) on Coral Reef Research and Marine Protected Areas.

UPMSI has been culturing giant clams for more than 25 years. (photo by SMLicuanan)

Dr. Coke Montaño is PCAARRD Pantas Awardee for 2013 as Most Outstanding Researcher/Scientist.

Major investment in higher education and R&D is key to fulfilling the Aquino Social Contract with the Filipino people.

Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III confers the rank and title of National Scientist to Dr. Gavino C. Trono, Jr. through Proclamation No. 737.

Graduate degree programs being offered at the MSI.

MSI beyond 40: Charting new waters (photos by GSJacinto)

Congratulations to the MSI Graduates of 2014 (photo by GSJ)

Benham science team departing MSI. Hoping for calm winds and smooth seas!


MSI beyond 40 — Charting new waters

The UP Marine Science Institute recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with the theme “MSI beyond 40 — Charting new waters.” The weeklong celebration was an auspicious occasion to look back at the challenges, lessons learned and accomplishments as we move forward to pave the way for the next generation of marine scientists. It was also [...]


If you are reading this, chances are you have some connection with The Marine Science Institute, as a student, staff, faculty, or other. If you have seen the signage at the top of the entrance facade of the MSI building, have you ever wondered why the name is “The Marine Science Institute” and not simply “Marine Science Institute”? Do you know difference? If you do not, here is an example of the distinction. —>continue reading here