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Degree Programs

The Marine Science Institute (MSI) grants M.Sc. and Ph.D. Degrees in Marine Science, with specializations in Marine Biology, Marine Physical Sciences, and Marine Biotechnology. Graduate students are given the superb opportunity to conduct their research in the context of the abundant and diverse research programs being conducted at the Institute by scientifically prolific, nationally and internationally recognized faculty. Research assistantships in various projects with local and international funding are available to graduate students.

Marine biological studies are concerned with investigating the living organisms inhabiting the oceans, as well as their interactions with their environment. Students can choose to study particular organisms such as phytoplankton, seagrass, or invertebrates, as well as the ecology of organism groups or larger-scale ecosystems.

The marine physical science track is involved in understanding the physical, chemical and geological patterns and processes of the coastal and open oceans.

The marine biotechnology track is involved in utilizing molecular biological approaches to understand the phylogeny of marine organisms, and identify and develop natural products for various applications.


Master of Science in Marine Science

The program leading to the degree of of M.S. In Marine Science (Marine Biology, Marine Physical Sciences, and Marine Biotechnology) aims to provide:

basic understanding of the nature and biological and physical processes in the ocean; and,
rigorous training formulating and carrying out independent research.
Doctorate Degree in Marine Science

The Ph.D. Program in Marine Science (Marine Biology, Marine Physical Sciences, and Marine Biotechnology) aims to provide advanced education on the sciences of the sea with emphasis on the dynamics of marine life, in preparation for careers as high-level marine scientists in academic, research, and other institutions in the public and private sector.

In particular, the Program is designed to enable students:

to acquire a balanced and comprehensive knowledge of the areas of the discipline; and,
to gain advanced knowledge of one area in marine science and to develop competence in undertaking independent research in that area.