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Graduate Curriculum

MS/Ph.D. in Marine Science: Marine Biology,  Marine Physical Sciences,  Marine Biotechnology

Overview of the Curriculum

Core courses:
These are designed to introduce the major divisions of marine science (marine biology, marine physical sciences and marine biotechnology) to all graduate students in their first year.

The crucial task of designing a program of study will be done both by the student and his Program Committee. Electives can be chosen from among graduate courses offered by the Institute and by other units of the college and of the University to prepare the student to competently pursue his chosen field of research.

The spirit of seminar is to expose the students to the latest research, issues and topics not necessary of their field. In addition, the course shall be conducted in a manner corresponding to a one-unit loading and therefore recommended to be restricted to readings, public presentations and discussions. Finally, students residing outside of Metro Manila and restricted from access to attend, may still enroll the 1u seminar course. These students will then be tasked to submit to the seminar instructor a critique on each of the papers that were assigned for class discussion.

PhD students shall complete one seminar course every other year after 12u of courses have been credited to his/her program of study. MS students need only to complete one seminar course.  


The Professional Masters in Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management (PM-TMEM) is designed for professionals who wish to pursue careers in government, civil service organization, and private sector involving the management and governance of tropical marine ecosystems. It focuses on the application of the sciences for the development of professional skills and practical analyses of practitioners. This program follows a modular, sequential approach that can be completed in 1.5 years. A distinctive element of the PM-TMEM program is its integrative and trans-disciplinary approach within and across the courses, with lectures and field components handled by various interdisciplinary teams of faculty, including local and international experts. The program culminates with the completion of an independent special project that addressed gaps in the management and governance of tropical marine ecosystems on within the students' areas of responsibility.     

PM-TMEM is part of the graduate offerings of the University of the Philippines (UP), with specific collaboration among 3 campuses -UP Diliman, UP Los Banos and UP Visayas. The program combines the expertise and vast experience of well-established programs in the 3 campuses: (i) UP Diliman's Marine Science Institute, (ii) UP Visayas' Institute of Fisheries Policy and Development Studies, and (iii) UP Los Banos' School of Environmental Science and Management, and the College of Forestry and Natural Resources. All students from the 3 UP campuses will constitute a batch who will attend all course of the program as a single class.