The MSI also organizes and conducts workshops, conferences, and training courses for local and international participants, both in the country and abroad.  Topics include resource survey and monitoring techniques, coastal zone management, habitat restoration, mariculture, and analytical techniques, and development of science-based decision support system.  The MSI staff serve as trainors and resource speakers for these training courses.  In addition and in partnership with other sciences, MSI offers technical services to both public and private agencies concerned with marine protection and management in relation to local and global environmental changes, biotechnology and product development.

CCRES tools

The Capturing Coral Reef and Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) Project is a regional technical support project, funded by the World Bank – Global Environment Facility, that seeks to unlock new, sustainable income streams for coastal communities in East Asia and the Pacific. It seeks to explicitly demonstrate the fundamental relationship between the ecological value of healthy coral reef ecosystems and the economic value and market potential of their ecosystem services.

CCRES aims to assist decision-makers and coastal managers in planning for the protection of coral reef ecosystems while sustaining benefits derived from the associated ecosystem services. The Project has developed a suite of innovative tools and resources to support a range of end-users in valuing ecosystems, understanding socio-ecological systems, creating sustainable business solutions, increasing knowledge and decision-making skills, and promoting changes.