Deo Florence L. Onda, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Deputy Director for Research 

Interuniversity PhD in Oceanography (Microbial Oceanography)
Université Laval, Quebéc City, Québec, Canada

Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, Germany

Research Interests: 
Understanding host-symbiont interactions, microbial biogeography, diversity, dynamics and trophic interactions and consequences of changing conditions using -omics approaches (genomics, transcriptomics and metagenomics), other molecular methods and advanced techniques in confocal laser scanning microscopy

Selected Publications:
  • Onda DFL, Santos MAG, Dela Cruz-Papa D, Yniguez A, Siringan MA, Azanza RV. (In review). Microbial oceanography studies in the context of climate change in the Philippines. Submitted to Philippine Science Letters.
  • Joli N, Gosselin M, Ardyna M, Babin M, Onda DFL, Tremblay JE, Lovejoy C. (2018). Need for focus on microbial species following ice melt and changing freshwater regimes in a Janus Arctic Gateway. Scientific Reports, 8:9405.
  • Onda DFL, Medrinal E, Comeau A, Babin M, Lovejoy C. (2017). Seasonal and interannual ciliate and dinoflagellate species assemblages in Amundsen Gulf (Arctic). Frontiers in Marine Science, Aquatic Microbiology 4: 1-16. DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2017.00016
  • Onda DFL, Lluisma AO and Azanza RV. (2015). Potential DMSP-degrading bacterial assemblage dominates endosymbitoic microflora of Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum (Dinophyceae) in vitro. Archives of Microbiology 197:965-71.
  • Marquez GPB, Reichardt WT, Azanza RV, Onda DFL, Lluisma AO, Hasegawa T and Montaño NME. (2015). Dominance of hydrogenotrophic methanogens at the peak of biogas production in thalassic digesters.  Waste and Valorization.DOI: 10.1007/s12649-014-9325-4
  • Onda DFL, Azanza RV and Lluisma AO. (2014). Development, morphological characteristics and viability of temporary cysts of Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum (Dinophyceae) in vitro. The European Journal of Phycology 49:265-275.
  • Onda DFL, Benico G, Sulit AF, Gaite PL, Azanza RV and Lluisma AO. (2013). Morphological and molecular characterization of some HAB-forming dinoflagellates from Philippine waters. The Philippine Science Letters 6(1):1-10. (NAST Outstanding Scientific Paper 2014)
  • Marquez GPB, Reichardt WT, Azanza RV, Onda DFL, Lluisma AO, Hasegawa T and Montaño NME. (2015). Dominance of hydrogenotrophic methanogens at the peak of biogas production in thalassic digesters. Waste and Valorization.DOI: 10.1007/s12649-014-9325-4.
  • Azanza RV, Vargas VMD, Fukami K, Keshavmurthy S, Onda DF and Azanza PV. (2013). Culturable algalytic bacteria isolated from seaweeds in the Philippines and Japan. Journal of Environmental Science and Management 1:1-10.
  • Manset KJV, Azanza RV and Onda DFL. (2013). Algicidal bacteria from fish cultures in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Northern Philippines. Journal of Environmental Science and Management 1:11-20.
  • Benico G, Onda DFL, Munar J, Lluisma A, Cruz L, Iwataki M and Azanza R. (Submitted). First report of Alexandrium catenella toxic clade from Philippine Tropical Asian waters: evidence from morphology, phylogeny and toxicity. Harmful Algae.
  • Onda DFL, Lovejoy C. (Submitted). Dinoflagellates in size fractionated samples from the Canada Basin, Western Arctic Ocean. The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology.
  • Joli N, Ardyna M, Onda DFL, Babin M, Gosslin M, Lovejoy C. (Submitted). Baffin Bay: The Janus Gateway. Scientific Reports.


MS Students

        Maria Anna Michaela dela Cruz“Host-parasite dynamics between Amoebophrya spp. (Syndiniales) and host dinoflagellates in mariculture-                    impacted areas in the Philippines”

          Romella Beringuela – “Spatio-temporal variability and association in the epiphytic dinoflagellate-diatom assemblages of red algae (Rhodophyta)”

          Jenelle Clarisse Dungca-Santos -  “Algicidal activity of cultivable bacteria from pelagic waters against the toxic dinoflagellate Pyrodinium                             bahamense (Dinophyceae)                             

          Mark Paolo Tolentino – “Floating plastic debris as potential dispersal mechanism of ‘dangerous hitchhikers’ in the marine environment” 

          Daniel John Purganan – “Temporal succession and mechanisms of attachment of marine microorganisms in floating marine plastic debris”

           Norchel Corcia Gomez – “Structure and biodegradation potential of microbial communities in plastics-enriched marine environments”

          Alvin Caril – “Taxonomic and functional diversity of marine viruses in the Benham Rise”

Microbial Oceanography Laboratory