Maria Lourdes San Diego-McGlone, Ph.D.
                                                                                     Professor Emeritus



Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography                                                                                                                                           

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, USA 

Research Interests: 

Nutrient biogeochemistry in coastal systems; sediment-water interaction; estuarine chemistry; marine pollution; environmental impact of aquaculture/mariculture; ocean acidification 

Selected Publications:

  • Roleda M, Jaraula C, Rodolfo R, San Diego-McGlone ML, Cardenas M, Siringan FP. 2017. The tough and tenacious: thriving in natural analogues of warmer and acidic tropical marine waters. Phycologia, 56(4 (Supplement S)), 160–161.
  • Ferrera CM, Jacinto GS, Chen C-TA, San Diego-McGlone ML, Datoc MFKT, Lagumen MCT, Senal MIS. 2017. Carbonate parameters in high and low productivity areas of the Sulu Sea, Philippines. Mar Chem 195:2-14.
  • Morimoto, N., Y. Umezawa, M.L. San Diego‑McGlone, A. Watanabe, F.P. Siringan, Y. Tanaka, G.L. Regino, T. Miyajima. 2017.  Spatial dietary shift in bivalves from embayment with river discharge and mariculture activities to outer seagrass beds in northwestern Philippines.  Marine Biology 164:84.  DOI 10.1007/s00227-016-3063-z.
  • Sugimoto, A., M.L. San Diego-McGlone, F. Paciencia, S.P. Milan, E.T. Tomas, C.C. Ramírez, A. Echavez, J. Gabatin, M.D. Fortes, K. Nadaoka.  2016.  Comanagement for aquaculture: Suggestions from a comparative study between two major production areas of milkfish in the Philippines.  Journal of Applied Aquaculture, DOI: 10.1080/10454438.2016.120971
  • Ferrera, C.M., A. Watanabe, T. Miyajima, M.L. San Diego-McGlone, N. Morimoto, Y. Umezawa, E. Herrera, T. Tsuchiya, M. Yoshikai, K. Nadaoka.  2016.  Phosphorus as a driver of nitrogen limitation and sustained eutrophic conditions in Bolinao and Anda, Philippines, a mariculture-impacted tropical coastal area.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 105:237-248. 
  • Ferrera, C., T. Miyajiama, A. Watanabe, Y. Umezawa, M.L. San Diego-McGlone, K. Nadaoka.  2015.  Variation in oxygen isotope ratio of dissolved orthophosphate induced by uptake process in natural coral holobionts.  Coral Reefs DOI 10.1007/s00338-015-1378-8.
  • Barrow, M., E.T. Ganzon-Fortes, M.L. San Diego-McGlone.  2015.  Photosynthetic and nutrient uptake physiology of Padina species in high and low nutrient waters in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.  Botanica Marina 58(3):219–228.
  • Santander-de Leon, S.M.S, W. Reichardt, S. Peralta-Milan, M.L. San Diego-McGlone, S.N. Nunal, H. Wei, T. Yoshikawa, S. Okunishi, H. Maeda.  2015.  Bacterial community composition of sediments from a milkfish Chanos chanos Forsskal farm.  Aquaculture Research, 1-13 doi:10.1111/are.12705.
  • David, L.T., D. Pastor-Rengel, L.T. McManus, E. Magdaong, H.G.P. Bangi,. R.Salalila-Aruelo,  M.L. San Diego-McGlone, C. Villanoy and K. Cordero-Bailey. 2014. The saga of community learning: mariculture and the Bolinao experience. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 17(2):1-9. DOI: 10.1080/14634988.2014.910488
  • Morrison, R.J., J. Zhang, E.R. Urban Jr. J. Hall, V. Ittekkot, B. Avril, L. Hu, G.H. Hong, S. Kidwai, C.B. Lange, V. Lobanov, J. Machiwa, M.L. San Diego-McGlone, T. Oguz, F.G. Plumley, T. Yeemin, W. Zhu, F. Zuo.  2013.  Developing human capital for successful implementation of marine scientific research projects.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 77:11-22
  • Escobar, M.T.L., L.P. Sotto, G.S. Jacinto, G.A. Benico, M.L. San Diego-McGlone, R.V. Azanza.  2013.  Eutrophic conditions during the 2010 fishkill in Bolinao and Anda, Pangasinan.  Journal of Environmental  Science and Management Special Issue 7-2013:29-35, ISSN 0119-1144.
  • Orizar, I.S., P.P.L. Rivera, M.L. San Diego-McGlone, R.V. Azanza.  2013.  Harmful algal bloom (HAB) mitigation using ball clay:  Effect on non-target organisms.  Journal of Environmental Science and Management Special Issue 7-2013:36-43, ISSN 0119-1144.
  • Nacorda, H.M.E., J.M. Obliosca, M.C.L. Tentia, G.S. Jacinto, M.L. San Diego-McGlone. 2012. Deterioration of soft bottom macroinfaunal communities in a milkfish mariculture zone off Bolinao-Anda, Pangasinan (NW Philippines). In: M. Kawaguchi, K. Misaki, H. Sato, T. Yokokawa, T. Itai, T. M. Nguyen, J. Ono and S. Tanabe (eds.). Interdisciplinary Studies on Environmental Chemistry — Environmental Pollution and Ecotoxicology, TERRAPUB. pp. 387–395.
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  • Santander-De Leon, S.M.S., M.L. San Diego-McGlone, W. Reichardt.  2010.  Impact of polychaete infauna on enzymatic protein degradation in marine sediments affected by intensive milkfish farming.  Aquaculture Research 1-7 DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2109.2010.02608.x.
  • Cardenas, M.B., P.B. Zamora, F.P. Siringan, M.R. Lapus, R.S. Rodolfo, G.S. Jacinto, M.L. San Diego-McGlone, C. L. Villanoy, O. Cabrera, M.I. Senal.  2010.  Linking regional sources and pathways for submarine groundwater discharge at a reef by electrical resistivity tomography, 222Rn, and salinity measurements.  Geophysical Research Letters  Vol 37, L16401, DOI:10.1029/2010GL044066.
  • Padilla, L.V., M.L. San Diego-McGlone, R.V. Azanza.  2010.  Exploring the potential of clay in mitigating Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum and other harmful algal species in the Philippines.  J. Appl. Phycol. DOI 10.1007/s10811-010-9517-7.
  • Tentia, M.C. and M.L. San Diego-McGlone.  2008.  Organic matter distribution in the sediments of fishfarm areas in Bolinao, Pangasinan.  UPV Journal of Natural Sciences 13 Suppl:108-115 
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  • Hayashi, M., T. Yanagi, M.L. San Diego-McGlone.  2008.  Seasonal variations of nitrogen cycling in Manila Bay.  Proceedings of the 18th (2008) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference.  Vancouver, Canada, July 6-11, 2008.
  • San Diego-McGlone, M.L., R.V. Azanza, C.L. Villanoy, G.S. Jacinto.  2008.  Eutrophic waters, algal bloom and fish kill in fish farming areas in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.  Marine Pollution Bulletin, 57:295-301 (Winner Best Published Paper in Marine Fisheries, E.O. Tan Memorial Award, Los Baños Science Community Foundation, Inc.)
  • San Diego-McGlone, M.L., G.S. Jacinto, D.O. Padayao, I.B. Velasquez.  2008.  Eutrophication and its cause/consequences:  The case of the Philippines.  In Asia-Pacific coasts and their management.  States of Environment.  Springer.
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  • Dupra, V.C. and M.L. San Diego-McGlone.  2005.  Chapter 3.  CNP Fluxes in the Coastal Zone – Inorganic nutrient fluxes in the coastal ecosystems of Southeast Asia.  In Coastal Fluxes in the Anthropocene, Springer.
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PhD Student

                          Rhia Odessa Gonzales

MS Students

             Gay Amabelle Go

             Doreen Kate Minoza

             Gabrielle Grace Mendoza

             Mikhael Clotilde Tanedo        


Graduated Advisees: 


Neila S. Sumagaysay-Chavoso- PhD in Marine Science, 2003                                                                                                                            Dissertation Topic: "Nutrient loading and effluents of intensive and semi-intensive milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) ponds, and the environmental capacity of receiving waters" 

Delia Grace Bacaltos-Galope- PhD in Marine Science, 2002                                                                                                                        Dissertation Topic: "Nutrient behavior, primary production, and infauna in a river system with inputs from    fishpond effluents" 


Mary Chris T. Lagumen- MS Marine Science, 2016                                                                                                                                                          Thesis: "Spatial and temporal variability of carbonate parameters in Bolinao-Anda, Pangasinan" 

Iris S. Orizar - MS Marine Science, 2015                                                                                                                                                                      Thesis: "Toxin production of Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum (Bohm) Steidinger, Tester  & Taylor exposed to Dinophyceae, and toxin removal using ball clay powder" 

Makoto Barrow-  MS Marine Science, 2014                                                                                                                                                  Thesis "Photosynthetic and nutrient uptake physiology of Padina species in waters with high and low nutrient loads in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines" (McGlone as co-Adviser) 

 Ma. Teresa L. Escobar- MS Marine Science, 2014                                                                                                                                                 Thesis: "Dissolved oxygen variability off Eastern Luzon, Philippines"

 Genevieve L. Regino - MS Marine Science, 2012                                                                                                                                                     Thesis: "Nutrient uptake and growth response of the seagrass Enhalus acoroides (L.f.)  Royle to biodeposits of the giant clam Tridacna  gigas (L.) in Bolinao, Pangasinan"       

Karlo H. Primavera -   MS Marine Science, 2008                                                                                                                                                          Thesis: "Coupled physical and biological modelling of vertical chlorophyll distributions in Philippine waters" 

 Larry V. Padilla - MS Marine Science, 2008                                                                                                                                               Thesis: "Experimental mitigation of Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum blooms   using clay minerals" 

  Sheila Mae S. Santander - MS Marine Science, 2007                                                                                                                                              Thesis: "Impacts of organic matter input from mariculture on the bioturbation recycling capacity of polychaetes in marine  sediments" 

  Daisy O. Padayao - MS Chemistry, 2004                                                                                                                                                                Thesis "Development of an on-line microwave assisted digestion method for the spectrophotometric determination of dissolved organic    nitrogen (DON) and dissolved   organic phosphorus (DOP) in seawater samples" (McGlone as co-Adviser)

​  Vilma C. Dupra-  MS Marine Science, 2003                                                                                                                                                      Thesis "Nutrient fluxes in various coastal ecosystems of the South China Sea perturbed    by human activities" 

   Lilibeth Coo  - MS Chemistry, 1994                                                                                                                                                                                           Thesis: "Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) for the simultaneous determination of phosphate and silicate in seawater samples"                              (McGlone as co- Adviser)


   Manuel Justin G. Custado - BS in Chemistry, 2015                                                                                                                                                             Thesis: "Evaluation of preservation methods for dissolved nitrite and phosphate in seawater and  freshwater samples"

   Cheryl D. Buhong - BS Chemistry, 2004                                                                                                                                                                                  Thesis: "Effect of elevated levels of inorganic phosphorus in the carrageenan content of Kappaphycus striatum (Sacol variety)                     (Soliriaceae, Gigartinales, Rhodophyta)"


Marine Geochemistry Laboratory

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