Edgardo D. Gomez, Ph.D.
National Scientist 
Professor Emeritus
Founding Director, UP-MSI

Ph.D. Marine Biology
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California- San Diego

Research Interests: 
Coral Reef Ecology and Restoration, Conservation of Marine Resources, Reproduction of Marine invertebrates and Culture of Giant Clams

Selected Publications:

  • Neo, Mei Lin & Wabnitz, Colette & D. Braley, Richard & A. Heslinga, Gerald & Fauvelot, Cecile & Van Wynsberge, Simon & Andréfouët, Serge & Waters, Charles & Shau-Hwai Tan, Aileen & D. Gomez, Edgardo & Costello, Mark & Todd, Peter. (2017). Giant clams (Bivalvia: Cardiidae: Tridacninae): A comprehensive update of species and their distribution, current threats and conservation status. Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review. 55. 87-388.
  • Cabaitan, P. C., Gomez, E. D., & Yap, H. T. (2016). The spaghetti sponge Callyspongiasamarensis (Wilson, 1925) provides temporary habitat for reef fish recruits. Marine Biodiversity, 541–542.
  • Cabaitan, P., Yap, H. T., & Gomez, E. D. (2015). Performance of single versus mixed coral species for transplantation to restore degraded reefs. Restoration Ecology, 23(4), 349–356.
  • Cabaitan, P. C., Gomez, E. D., & Yap, H. T. (2015). The spaghetti sponge Callyspongia samarensis (Wilson, 1925) provides temporary habitat for reef fish recruits. Marine Biodiversity, 0–1.
  • dela Cruz, D. W., Rinkevich, B., Gomez, E. D., & Yap, H. T. (2015). Assessing an abridged nursery phase for slow growing corals used in coral restoration. Ecological Engineering, 84, 408–415.
  • Gomez, E. (2015). Rehabilitation of biological resources: Coral reefs and giant clam populations need to be enhanced for a sustainable marginal sea in the Western Pacific. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy, 18(2), 120–127.
  • Gomez, E., Cabaitan, P., Yap, H., & Dizon, R. M. (2014). Can coral cover be restored in the absence of natural recruitment and reef recovery? Restoration Ecology, 22(2), 142–150.
  • Guest, J. R., Baria, M. V, Gomez, E. D., Heyward, A. J., & Edwards, A. J. (2014). Closing the circle: is it feasible to rehabilitate reefs with sexually propagated corals? Coral Reefs, 33(1), 45–55.

Awards and Recognition:

2014 - Proclaimed as National Scientist - President of the Republic of the Philippines

2010 - Honorary Professor - University of Queensland, Australia

2009 - Lifetime Achievement Award - The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, UP Chapter

2006 - Achievement Award - De La Salle University Alumni Association (Marine Biology)

2005 - University Professor Emeritus - University of the Philippines Diliman

2003 - Concepcion D. Dadufalza Distinguished Achievement Award - University of the Philippines, Diliman

2001 - Honorary Member - Asian Fisheries Society

2001 - Group Award for the Species Conservation Category - ROYALE 2001 Awarding – Rotary Club of Makati

2000 - Presidential Lingkod Bayan (Service to the Nation) Award - Civil Service Commission

1998 - Gregorio Y. Zara Award (Basic Science) - Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science (PHILAAS)

1997 - Gawad Chanselor: Outstanding Administrator of an Institute - University of the Philippines, Diliman

1996 - Outstanding Science Administrator - Department of Science and Technology/NSTW

1993 - Academician - National Academy of Science and Technology

1992 - The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) in Science (Marine Biology) - Philippine Jaycee Senate

1989 - Likas Yaman Award - Department of Environment and Natural Resources

1989 - Global 500 Roll of Honour - United Nations Environment Programme

1988 - Outstanding Administrator - University of the Philippines

1982 - Likas Yaman Award - Department of Environment and Natural Resources

1982 - Earth Award - National Environment Protection Council - Ministry of Human Settlements

1973 - Foreign Graduate Scholarship - National Science Development Board (now DOST)

1966 - Fulbright Travel Grantee - Philippine American Educational Foundation

1962 - Graduated Summa cum laude/ Gold Medal for General Excellence - De La Salle University, Manila



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