Ma. Josefa R. Pante, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor 

Ph.D. Animal Breeding and Genetics  
University of Guelph, Canada

Research Interests: 
Quantitative genetics 

Selected Publications:


Ph.D. Students

Pastor Malabrigo

Graduated Advisees:

Ph.D. Students

Rachel June Gotanco

Dissertation Topic: Genetic connectivity of Philippine populations of Siganus fuscescens across multiple spatial scales  (2010) co-adviser


MS Students

Estelita Emily Capuli

Thesis Topic:  (1991) co-adviser

Ronald Allan Cruz 

Thesis Topic: Shell geometric morphometrics and design pattern analysis for species discrimination in Conus (Gastropoda: Conidae)  (2009) 

Jonathan Patrick Yan 

Thesis Topic: Geometric morphometic analysis of selected Philippine pomocentridae (2013) 

Talna Lorena Dela Cruz 

Thesis Topic: Use of Geometric Morphometrics to Differentiate Species and Populations of Rabbitfishes (Perciformes: Siganidae) in the Philippines (2011)