Ma. Josefa R. Pante, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor

Ph.D. Animal Breeding and Genetics  
University of Guelph, Canada

Research Interests: 
Quantitative genetics 

Selected Publications:
  • Amor, E.A., Catap, E.S., Estacio, M.A.C., Pante, M.J.R., Saloma, C.P., Rubio, R.O. 2018. The UPD IACUC Handbook on the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. University of the Philippines Diliman, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.
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  • Lester, L.J. and M.J.R. Pante. 1992. Genetics of Penaeus species, In: Fast, A.W. and L.J. Lester (editors) Marine Shrimp Culture: Principles and Practices, Elsevier Science Publishers, Netherlands, pp. 29-52.
  • Lester, L.J. and M.J.R. Pante. 1992. Penaeid temperature and salinity responses, In: Fast, A.W. and L.J. Lester (editors) Marine Shrimp Culture: Principles and Practices, Elsevier Science Publishers, Netherlands, pp. 519-538.
  • Kevin Labrador, Altair Agmata, Joseph Dominic Palermo, Jhunrey Follante, Ma. Josefa Pante. 2019. Authentication of processed Philippine sardine products using Hotshot DNA extraction and minibarcode amplification. Food Control 98: 150-155,
  • Rachel Ravago-Gotanco, Talna Lorena de la Cruz, Ma Josefa Pante, Philippe Borsa. 2018. Cryptic genetic diversity in the mottled rabbitfish Siganus fuscescens with mitochondrial introgression at a contact zone in the South China Sea. PloS one 13(2): e0193220
  • Cruz, R. A. L., M. J. R. Pante, and F. J. Rohlf. 2012. Geometric morphometric analysis of shell shape variation in Conus (Gastropoda: Conidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 165: 296-310.
  • Ravago-Gotanco, R., M.T. Manglicmot, M.J.R. Pante. 2010. Multiplex PCR and RFLP approaches for identification of rabbitfish (Siganus) species using mitochondrial gene regions Molecular Ecology Resources 10: 741–743. doi: 10.1111/j.1755-0998.2009.02829.x
  • Ravago-Gotanco, R., C.Y. Lumibao, M.J.R. Pante. 2010. Isolation and characterization of thirteen microsatellite markers for the rabbitfish, Siganus fuscescens. Conservation Genet Resour  2:225–227. DOI 10.1007/s12686-009-9148-y
  • Ravago-Gotanco, R., C.Y. Lumibao, M.J.R. Pante. 2008. Isolation of microsatellite markers for the mottled spinefoot Siganus fuscescens. UPV J. Nat. Sci. 13: 25-29.
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Ph.D. Students

Pastor Malabrigo

Graduated Advisees:

Ph.D. Students

Rachel June Gotanco

Dissertation Topic: Genetic connectivity of Philippine populations of Siganus fuscescens across multiple spatial scales  (2010) co-adviser


MS Students

Estelita Emily Capuli

Thesis Topic:  (1991) co-adviser

Ronald Allan Cruz 

Thesis Topic: Shell geometric morphometrics and design pattern analysis for species discrimination in Conus (Gastropoda: Conidae)  (2009) 

Jonathan Patrick Yan 

Thesis Topic: Geometric morphometic analysis of selected Philippine pomocentridae (2013) 

Talna Lorena Dela Cruz 

Thesis Topic: Use of Geometric Morphometrics to Differentiate Species and Populations of Rabbitfishes (Perciformes: Siganidae) in the Philippines (2011)