Maria Helena T. Yap, Ph.D.





Doctor rerum naturalium 

University of Rostock, German Democratic Republic 


Research Interests: 

Coral Reef Ecology, Complex Systems 

Selected Publications:

  • Azcuna, M., J. O. Tun, H. T. Yap, and G. P. Concepcion. (2018) Callyspongia samarensis (Porifera) extracts exhibit anticancer activity and induce bleaching in Porites cylindrica (Scleractinia). Chemistry and Ecology, DOI: 10.1080/02757540.2018.1437148.
  • Labao, A.B., P.C. Naval, Jr., D.L.T. Yap, and H.T. Yap. (2017) Influencing rural livelihood switching through equipment assets for agroecosystems to alleviate pressure on resources. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 248: 96-104.
  • Benjamin, C.S., A.T. Punongbayan, D.W. dela Cruz, R.D. Villanueva, M.V.B. Baria and H.T. Yap. (2016) Use of Bayesian analysis with individualbased modeling to project outcomes of coral restoration. Restoration Ecology, doi: 10.1111/rec.12395. 
  • de la Cruz D.W., B. Rinkevich, E.D. Gomez and H.T. Yap.  (2015) Assessing an abridged nursery phase for slow growing corals used in coral restoration. Ecological Engineering 84: 408-415. 
  • Wagner, A., D.L.T. YAP and H.T. Yap. (2015) Drivers and consequences of land use patterns in a developing country rural community. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 214: 78-85. 
  • Cabaitan, P.C., E.D. Gomez and H.T. Yap. (2015) The spaghetti sponge Callyspongia samarensis (Wilson, 1925) provides temporary habitat for reef fish recruits. Marine Biodiversity, doi: 10.1007/s12526-015-0410-0. 
  • Cabaitan, P.C., H.T. Yap, and E.D. Gomez. (2015) Performance of single versus mixed coral species for transplantation to restore degraded reefs. Restoration Ecology 23: 349-356. 
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Current Students:

MS Students

James Matthew Miraflor (MS Computer Science, University of the Philippines Diliman)


Elsa Ligaya Dingkuhn (Wageningen University, the Netherlands)


Graduated Advisees: 

Ph.D. Students

                   Ronald Villanueva (Co-adviser) 

                Romeo Dizon

               Augustus Rex Montebon

                Danilo Dy

               Marcelino Tumanda Jr. 


  Albert Norström (Co-adviser) (Stockholm University, Sweden)               

MS Students               

               Dexter Dela Cruz

               Mike Joshua Palomar

               Marlowe Sabater

               Michelle Reyes 

                Hildie Maria Nacorda

                Augustus Rex Montebon

                Vincent Hilomen

                Wilfredo Licuanan

                Jen-Jen Manuel (Co-supervisor)  (National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman)


Adrian Wagner (Co-supervisor) (Karlsruhe University, Germany) 

Jonathan Locqueville (Co-supervisor) (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, France)