Patrick C. Cabaitan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 

Ph.D. Marine Science
University of the Ryukus, Japan

Research Interests: 
Community Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Giant Clam Conservation

Selected Publications:
  • Toh, T.C., C.S.L. Ng, H.X. Loke, D. Taira, K.B. Toh, L. Afiq-Rosli, R.C. Poquita Du, P.C. Cabaitan, et al. (2017) A cost-effective approach to enhance scleractinian diversity on artificial shorelines. Ecological Engineering 99: 349-357. 
  • Da-Anoy, J.P., R.D. Villanueva, P.C. Cabaitan, and C. Conaco. (2016). Effects of coral extracts on survivorship, swimming behavior, and settlement of Pocillopora damicornis larvae. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 486: 93-97. 
  • Chou, L.M., T.C. Toh, K.B. Toh, C.S.L. Ng, P.C. Cabaitan, et al. (2016). Differential response of coral assemblages to thermal stress underscores complexity in predicting bleaching susceptibility. PLoS ONE 11(7): e0159755. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0159755.
  • Cabaitan, P.C., E.D. Gomez, and H.T. Yap. (2015). The spaghetti sponge Callyspongia samarensis (Wilson, 1925) provides temporary habitat for reef fish recruits. Marine Biodiversity doi: 10.1007/s12526-015-0410-0. 
  • Cabaitan, P.C., H.T. Yap, and E.D. Gomez. (2015). Performance of single versus mixed coral species for transplantation to restore degraded reef areas. Restoration Ecology 23: 349- 356. 
  • Chavanich, S., E. Gomez, L.M. Chou, B. Goh, L.T. Tan, K. Tun, T.C. Toh, P.C. Cabaitan, J. Guest, C.S. Ng, M. Omori, N. Thongtham, A. Chankong, V. Viyakarn, and W. Zhu. (2014). Coral restoration techniques in the Western Pacific region. Bangkok: UNESCOIOC/WESTPAC, 8 pp. 
  • Gomez, E.D., P.C. Cabaitan, and H. Yap. (2014). Can coral cover be restored in the absence of natural recruitment and reef recovery? Restoration Ecology 22: 142-150. 
  • Cabaitan, P.C., H. Yamamoto, and K. Sakai. (2012). Analyses of coral community survey data at different taxonomic resolutions: implications for reef monitoring. Galaxea, Journal of Coral Reef Studies 14: 41-52. 
  • Cabaitan, P.C., H. Yamamoto, and K. Sakai. (2012). Recovery of corals a decade after a thermal stress event at Motobu, Okinawa, Japan: spatial variability in winners and losers. Galaxea, Journal of Coral Reef Studies 14: 27-40. 
  • Gomez, E.D., H.T. Yap, P.C. Cabaitan, and R.M. Dizon. (2011). Successful transplantation of a fragmenting coral, Montipora digitata, for reef rehabilitation. Coastal Management 39: 556-574. Page 4 of 9.
  • Cabaitan, P.C., E.D. Gomez, and P.M. Aliño. (2008). Effects of coral transplantation and giant clam restocking on the structure of fish communities on degraded patch reefs. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 357: 85-98. 
  • Vicentuan, K.C., J.R. Guest, M.V. Baria, P.C. Cabaitan, R.M. Dizon, R.D. Villanueva, P.M. Aliño, A.J. Edwards, E.D. Gomez and A.J. Heyward. (2008). Multi-species spawning of corals in north-western Philippines. Coral Reefs 27: 83. 
  • Cabaitan, P.C., W.Y. Licuanan, and E.D. Gomez. (2007). Comparison between videographic and photographic methods in assessing coral reef benthic communities. Science Diliman 19(1): 7-13. *Nominated for the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Outstanding Scientific Paper Award, Philippines 
  • Gomez, E.D., P.C. Cabaitan, and K.C. Vicentuan. (2006). Coral culture and transplantation and restocking of giant clams in the Philippines. In: Proceedings of the Regional Technical Consultation on Stock Enhancement for Threatened Species of International Concern, 13- 15 July 2005. Iloilo City, Philippines. 


MS Students

Enricuso, Odette

Ligson, Charlon 

Nuevas, Eena Marie 

Robles, Laurence

Sayco, Sherry Lyn

Tolentino, Mark Paulo